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Community Support Scheme

Community Support Scheme

Uniting Communities for Educational Empowerment

At the Fundamental Right to Education Support Foundation (FRESF), we believe that education is a collective responsibility that extends beyond the walls of classrooms and schools. That's why we're proud to introduce the Community Support Scheme, a collaborative program aimed at mobilizing and empowering communities to become active partners in the education of children.


The Community Support Scheme is designed to harness the collective strength and resources of communities to support the educational needs of children and youth. By fostering partnerships, promoting grassroots initiatives, and empowering local stakeholders, we aim to create a supportive ecosystem where every child has access to quality education and opportunities for growth.


Key Components:
1. Community Engagement Events: We organize community forums, town hall meetings, and engagement events to facilitate dialogue, share information, and mobilize community members around educational issues. These events serve as platforms for collaboration, advocacy, and collective action to address local education challenges and priorities.

2. Volunteer Opportunities: We offer a range of volunteer opportunities for community members to contribute their time, skills, and expertise to support educational initiatives. Whether through mentoring, tutoring, or organizing community programs, volunteers play a vital role in enriching the educational experience and fostering a culture of learning within the community.

3. Resource Sharing and Networking: We facilitate resource sharing and networking among community organizations, businesses, and stakeholders to leverage collective resources and expertise for the benefit of education. By connecting stakeholders and promoting collaboration, we maximize impact and create sustainable solutions to education challenges.

4. Grassroots Projects and Initiatives: We support grassroots projects and initiatives initiated by community members to address specific education needs and priorities. Whether it's establishing community libraries, organizing literacy programs, or renovating schools, these projects empower communities to take ownership of their educational future.

5. Advocacy and Policy Engagement: We advocate for policies and initiatives that prioritize education and address the needs of underserved communities. By amplifying the voices of community members and advocating for systemic change, we work to create an enabling environment where every child has the opportunity to thrive.


Get Involved
You can support our Community Support Scheme by participating in community events, volunteering your time and expertise, or advocating for policies that prioritize education and community empowerment. Together, we can harness the power of communities to create a brighter future for children and youth across Africa.


Join us in our mission to unite communities and empower them to become active partners in education through the Community Support Scheme. Together, we can make a meaningful and lasting impact on the educational landscape.